F. Stephen Chamberlain

Criminal Defense attorney     Family law Attorney

Criminal Law

Felony Trials -- OVI/DUI trials -- assaults -- sex offenses -- drug offenses -- serious frauds and theft

In any stage of the Criminal Justice System, having a lawyer is essential to protect your rights and insure a more positive outcome.

Most people engage a lawyer AFTER they have been charged.  I offer representation and consultation through every stage of the process.  If you think that your in trouble with the law, you need to engage an attorney right away.

Family Law

divorce -- custody -- representing parents in children services/child protective services

Family law can be a minefield for the inexperienced.  Help with negotiations and hearings will place you in the best position to chart the unknown.

Many times, for many reasons, Child Protective Services becomes involved with good people.  While there goal is to help, they are still part of the Government and do not always have the Parent and Family interests in mind.  Never go it alone.  Call Today.